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Background: Rich Blundell is the founder of Omniscopic. Rich is a freelance inquirer, educator, and science communicator.

"For nearly three decades, I have been struggling to articulate my ideas about what I call the 'higher-order values of science.' I am driven by a hopeful belief that consilient ideas emerging from the intersections of science and the humanities will be fruitful for ameliorating global critical ills. "

-- Rich Blundell, President Omniscopic

Philosophy: My work spans the boundaries of nature and culture. I am a scientist and communicator by training, but also an expert in transformative education by experience. I am a multi-media presenter and producer who has spent the majority of my life trying to fulfill the promise of television in bettering the human condition. To put it bluntly, I’m determined, perhaps desperate, to make a difference. In the early 90’s, inspired largely by what I was seeing on the then new Discovery Channel, I set off to study wildlife in East Africa. It was the beginning of a life that took me around the world, to the tops of mountains, across oceans, and along the entire timeline of cosmic evolution. With science as my guide and ride, I spent the last two decades learning, exploring, and then teaching and communicating what I discovered.

So what have I discovered?? Well, much more than just scientific answers to questions. I had stumbled upon a deeply profound worldview. I discovered that if we look, listen, and allow ourselves to feel what science is telling us, then we will eventually find what I call the ‘epiphany of science’. That is, the organic realization that we are the cosmos seeking to understand itself. I discovered that the paths of scientific curiosity and spiritual inspiration inevitably converge.

It seems to me that our contemporary culture of consumption and conflict is desperate for a better guiding story. Fortunately, there is an ethic of peace, prosperity, and ecological balance inherent to the epiphany of science. As consilience across the disciplines of science reveals a grand narrative in which humans are inescapably integral, the epic of cosmic evolution, as it is personally experienced, is set to serve as a new guiding ‘mythos as ethos’ for the human future - if there is to be one.

So as we enter this new era in broadcasting, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how best to leverage the internet to communicate these ideas to the public. It is still a work in progress, but I can at least see a way around some of the most pernicious obstacles. Most importantly perhaps, is the recognition that the epiphany of science, like any epiphany, is not solely an intellectual process. It is indeed, a profoundly personal transformation ultimately rooted in the human capacity for emotional response. Story remains a critical tool.

Current & Previous Research: My current research centers on the affective phenomenological roots of biophilia (how emotional experiences with nature translate into a life-long consevation ethic). My previous research, a Master's in Education from SUNY's Science and the Public program, is a thesis titled: Communicating Science: A Novel Frame of Reverence. This project attempted to resolve a lifelong and professional dissatisfaction with the way we think about and teach science. I sought, and believe I found, a pragmatic and morally responsive conceptualization of science that more closely comports with my own lived experience with the sciences (especially geology, ecology, and astronomy).

I set out to develop a novel framework for the communication of science - not a critique of science, but a critique of what we do, and fail to do with science. The goal is to re-conceptualize science and then communicate it in a way that can help illuminate and ameliorate critical ills. This research started as a theoretical synthesis across the natural and social sciences, pedagogy, communication, and the humanities, but in the combined light of Newton's optical science and Goethe's colorful poetry, it evolved into a personal epiphany on the power of science enhanced phenomenology.

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Strategies: Omniscopic Productions specializes in exploiting the cost-benefits of new technology and employing innovative workflows. See the Omniscopic Portfolio page for some recent projects.

Rich Blundell consults informal science education projects, speaks publicly about novel science communication techniques, and demonstrates scientific phenomenology practices. See the Rich Worldview Blog for hints.

To schedule interviews, panel participation, and conference presentations, etc. or just to chat (I'm always interested in discussing new ideas and learning from thoughtful folks) contact rich(at)omniscopic(dot)com.

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