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Sample videos produced by Omniscopic available via email request.

Secrets of the Coral Reef video National Geographic's Wild Chronicles
Secrets of the Coral Reef Episode #336: I join marine biologists in the Caribbean where scientists believe climate change threatens the reef ecosystem, depleting fish schools and spawning an increase in parasites. Understanding how parasites, fish and the cleaning stations are all interconnected provides researchers new insight into the reef's complex habitat.
Center For Inquiry video The Center For Inquiry Promo
This promotional video presents the vision and mission of an organization dedicated to science, reason, and the responsible use of technology. The video includes appearances of science and society scholars and authors such as: E.O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Ann Druyan, and Lawrence Krauss.
Saving Grevys Zebra video coming soon National Geographic's Wild Chronicles
Saving Grevy's Zebra Episode #305: The recent demise of the rare Grevy's zebra in northern Kenya has researchers baffled. Grevy's zebras seem to be more at risk of lion predation than plains zebras. Now, conservationists are seeking reasons why. Travel to Northern Kenya to understand how Indigenous Tribes can help.
Grevy's Zebra Extinction in Black & White (8:00)
Historically the Grevy's Zebra (a fine-striped cousin of the common Plain's Zebra) was widespread throughout much of Northern Kenya and into Ethiopia. But since the 1970's the Grevy's populations have plummeted from about 14,000 to less than 2000. In this Science podcast for kids, Rich investigates the mystery of the declining zebra in East Africa
Tree to Sea Video Tree to Sea Series Promo (2:31):
This little promotional video documents the adventures and stories of a small wooden surfboard shop up in Maine. The piece is now airing repeatedly on Al Gore's cable TV network (link opens to CurrentTV's site). The series is currently in development and has signed a production deal.
The Secrets of the Anasazi Cliff-Dwellers (7:00):
Segment one of the the "Science Out There" Demo. In this episode I travel to the deserts of New Mexico to find out how the Anasazi people may have reached some of thier most innaccesible cliff- dwellings. I meet ancient technology expert Eirc Blinman who thinks they must have used handmade yucca ropes. To test his theory, we harvest some yucca, make a rope, and then it's up to me to try it out.
Mining for Bats (4:33):
Segment two of the the "Science Out There" Demo. In this episode, I hike out to the remote wilderness of Northern Idaho where abandoned mines may be the last habitat refuge for several species of bats. Bat biologist Rick Sherwin and his team search for bats in these extremely dangerous mines before the Forest Service blasts them shut forever.
The Secret Lives of Gulls (9:00):
Segment three of the the "Science Out There" Demo. In this episode, I make my way out to the Isles of Shoals where field biologist Julie Ellis is working to understand the complex ecology of gulls. It turns out that thier lives are more closley connected to ours than we think.
Mission Statement (02:25):
This short piece provides a visual glimpse of what I have set out to accomplish with video. I wrote, directed, shot, and editied this movie with the exception of the "fly through space" sequence, which was borrowed from the movie "Contact."

New Extended Reel (08:22):
This newer reel shows me interacting with people and participating in various field-research activities. This piece is designed to present a little more mature version but retain an authentic personal view.

Scientific American Fontiers "The Secret Canyon"- PBS:
High in a remote Utah canyon, a 1000 year-old Indian community once thrived. This ancient settlement was unknown by all except the reclusive rancher who kept his secret for the past half-century. For the "Living In The Sky" segment, I was hired to film a team of archaeologists as they surveyed a high knife-edge site. The Scientific American Frontiers series including the entire Secret Canyon episode is produced by Chedd-Angier.

Mini-doc - Sea Turtle Story (02:44):
One of the most dramatic aspects in the life history of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle are the great nesting aggregations known as Arribadas. During an arribada thousands of gravid females come ashore and dig shallow nests in which to lay their eggs. This video follows a single female Olive Ridley sea turtle as she carries out this ancient ritual on a remote Costa Rican beach.

HCR Promo (02:44):
Promo Spot - Hidden Coast Realty Costa Rica:
Hidden Coast Realty is a Costa Rica-based agency commited to ecologically sensitive and sustainable property development. This promo spot is used on the air in Costa Rica as well as on thier website. Video coming soon!

Early Demo Reel:
This video provides a glimpse of a new high-energy science program for PBS. This project was funded in part by the National Science Foundation. The piece is designed to demonstrate an innovative approach to presenting science content to a young adult audience.

Adventures with a Mission - Research Expeditions:
Research Expeditions wanted to highlight their unique personal approach to providing rugged African safaris. This promotional web-video follows a group of adventurers as they cross the African plains and then climb the continent's highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro.
Grow your Own Chip - ABC NEWS
Scientists at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using sub-microscopic processes to develop new synthetic materials. As a leader in this new field of nanotechnology they need to promote their work to the world. In the past they would use a written press release. But today they use the video news release (VNR). This web-video VNR profiles one nanotechnology scientist. Links open websites in new window

Quantum Dots - ABC NEWS
Scientists at Harvard Medical School are working to understand and fight cancer. They need to disseminate their results to the scientific community as well as the general public. This wed-video VNR profiles a team of physicians who are developing a new way to “see” cancer within living cells. Using special quantum dots they make molecules glow a visible green to new cameras. Links open websites in new window

Shipwrecks! - Lake Champlain Museum
The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum was building a full-size replica of a working schooner and wanted to involve school groups in its construction. They also needed a multimedia museum exhibit to document the process. This exhibit video looped as part of a museum installment alongside the mast tabernacle built by the students.
Promo Spot - Burlington Schools
The Burlington Community Schools Project needed a web-video that they could use to showcase their programs to potential funders. This development piece serves as an appeal from their executive director and shows the work they do and the kids they reach.
What Sex is Your Brain - ABC NEWS
Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , a neuroscientist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center in Boston, has discovered visible differences between the male and female brain. This web-video VNR highlights research into a subject of a potentially controversial nature. Links open websites in new window
Promo Spot - Shoals Marine Lab
The Shoals Marine Lab wanted a news-style promotional web-video to help recruit undergraduate students to their summer field research program. This video profiles one graduate student and highlights her field research project working to better understand Gulls and their ecology.
Tanning and Cancer - ScienCentral News
This web-video news release examines the subject of how exposure to the sun affects our health. Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation has long been understood to cause serious skin diseases, but it also provides us with many beneficial biochemical results as well. Links open websites in new window
Strong Stuff - ABC News
Massachusetts Institute of Technology needed a video news release to highlight the work of one of their leading researchers. This VNR web-video profiles a scientist that uses the natural nano-scale processes used by the Abalone to create super a strong shell from Calcium Carbonate. Scientists can recreate this process in a lab to manufacture useful synthetic materials. Links open websites in new window
Promo Spot - Maine Sea Kayaking
A Maine based outfitter wanted a mini-doc that showcased one of their adventures. This web-video follows a diverse group as they explore the islands and includes the personalities from behind the scenes.
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